Image for Our student Matija Vigato won „Generation Google Scholarship for women in gaming 2021”

Our student Matija Vigato won „Generation Google Scholarship for women in gaming 2021”

Statistics show that women are more hesitant when applying for jobs, awards or scholarships. Luckily, gender exclusive awards like Generation Google Scholarship: for women could give them the needed courage – not only to apply for the award in question, but also for all the future non-gender exclusive ones. I myself, as a female game development student at the Algebra University College, was lucky to be informed about the Google’s award by the women who work in Algebra’s International Office and to be chosen as its recipient among other students from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with 7,000 euros of financial support.

I wouldn’t be able to receive this award if I wasn't a game development student, and the opportunities like these are one of the reasons I encourage people to take a formal education in the fields they love. I personally fell in love with video games after my high school, and since then, I read, wrote, and spoke about them, I played, drew, and conceptualized them. I believe that the dualities they exhibit: between art and play, intellect and emotions, contemplation and agency, are the dualities we encounter in our everyday lives. So, in their ideal form, video games could be one of our best teachers of how to live. Currently, I’m working with my team on the science-fiction puzzle adventure 3D video game ReMind, and you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram .

This award means a lot to me because I believe in the idea behind it. I want to continue this chain of women helping women by organizing a female game development event and by informing women about this or similar awards. The former I’ll try to actualize in the following years, and the second I’ll start right now. So, the Generation Google Scholarship: for women in gaming is a scholarship given by Google and Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia to support students pursuing gaming degrees and to promote gender equality in the video game industry. The deadline for the applications is usually early-December and it is given for the next academic year. The application needs to include a CV, academic transcripts, a letter of reference from a professor and short essays that answer the given questions. Google also offers another scholarship for women in computer science with similar requirements and the same financial reward. I hope that this scholarship will continue to exist in the following years and I strongly encourage women students of Algebra to apply. For more information, follow this link and don’t hesitate to contact me through social media if you need help with your application. Behind every successful woman there is another successful woman who has her back! :)

What are you still waiting for😊? Apply now and see you on Introduction day meet up  for students on 27.9.2021

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