Image for So proud of our first Summer School generation!

So proud of our first Summer School generation!

Our first international summer school took place at the Algebra University College's campus and Impact Center in Zadar from 24th of June until 8th of July 2017. Three-weeks program consists of modules like networks technology, cyber security, mobile applications development, and digital marketing. Professional curriculum managed to drive interest among young people around the globe, who have collected lots of wonderful memories through studying, spending time together and traveling within organized field trips around Croatia.

Summer school program lasts 3 weeks, and a huge emphasis has been put on the quality of the study programme, lectures, professors and even participants who have confirmed quality of the curriculum to be the main reason for choosing ours among many other European summer school programs.

Summer school Algebra managed to gather students and young professionals from various countries like Brasil, Indonesia, Italy, South African Republic, Poland, Great Britain, Spain, Ireland, and Croatia.

Taking care of the trends in the digital world, we have designed various programs with the focus on areas like Digital Marketing, Mobile Application Development, and Cyber Security.

Students who have attended the Digital Marketing program, taught by the professor and Google Trainer Vanja Šebek, have had a chance to gain the Google AdWords and Google Analytics certificates which are highly wanted and appreciated in the digital marketing industry in the whole world. Aware of the importance of the growth of the mobile applications development market, many students have enrolled in the Mobile Applications Development program led by the professor Daniel Bele, MSc, and the professor Robert Petrunić, struč was the lecturer for the Cyber Security program.

Besides the obligatory classes, every student had a chance to participate in the voluntary one-week Workshops from different fields. In the first week of classes, we had a chance to listen to Ivo Špigel and his workshop Financing Early Stage Startups. The second Workshop was held in Zadar. Igor Cerinski with his Smart Cities Workshop has managed to drive the interest in this subject among students and in the last week, we had a chance to listen to Darija Korkut and Critical thinking and creativity.

Besides the regular classes, summer school Algebra gives plenty of additional recreational content. During their stay in Croatia, students had a chance to participate in various field trips, sports activities, touristic tours, nightlife, and nature, spending time with colleagues from all over the world, discovering different cultures, different backgrounds but together with the same aspirations and ambitions.

We had a chance to visit some world-known places in Croatia. We visited a memorial center and the birth house of one of the most important scientists in the world - Nikola Tesla, so-called "the inventor of the future". There was plenty of fun at the InMusic Festival in Zagreb, and a "Croatian Ibiza" - Zrće beach on the island of Pag. We also had a chance to go hiking and were impressed by the pureness and the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage beech forests of Paklenica National Park. We have visited many interesting bars in Zagreb, and had fun in the Museum of Illusions, playing beach volleyball, discovering Croatian gastronomy and hospitality of local people.

After three weeks of lessons and studying, students have managed to pass their exams and have received their diplomas and ECTS credits that will help them at their home Universities.

Many wonderful friendships have been born, even the ones that have a chance to last a lifetime. We hope students will visit Croatia again and until the next summer school, we wish them so much success in their future education and professional careers.

If you are interested in our International Summer School program, you can contact the Algebra University College's International Cooperation office, or simply explore the official  Algebra Summer School website:

Our Head of International Office, Lidija Šimrak was adored by the first generation students so feel free to contact her and ask anything about the program, scholarships, admissions, criteria etc.

Join Algebra, discover Croatia and enter the digital world!

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