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Filip Kisić

Filip Kisić is a final year student of program engineering at the University of Algebra. He graduated from the Electrical Engineering School in Zagreb in 2018, when he started working on the Perun l project, on the first Croatian satellite. During high school, he participated in various technology and innovation competitions such as INOVA where he won two silver medals for a virtual assistant program.

In 2019, he worked at the Algebra LAB incubator on his own start-up of a fire monitoring and forecasting system, but the desire to launch satellites was greater.
He is a project manager as well as a satellite operating system developer. With the cooperation of dear colleagues, Filip and company are actively working on the development of satellites and collaborations with many companies from various parts of the industry. He tries to fill his free time with programming, playing and sports activities.

Here is what Philip tells us about his student experience:

“The primary reason I enrolled in software engineering at Algebra is because the lecturers are IT professionals working in the real sector so I was sure I could learn the most from them.

I did not make a mistake and they exceeded all expectations because in addition to learning from them how to make a quality solution, I also learned about entrepreneurship, how to work in a team and set priorities.

The study curriculum is fantastic, but the lecturers have a responsibility to pass it on to us, and in Algebra they know it very well. In addition to engineering skills, I also developed communication skills and entrepreneurship

way of thinking. I can say that studying Algebra definitely changed my life, showed me options, directed you and "shaped" me into an engineer, and recently got a job in the desired company. "

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