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Marin Miletić

Marin Miletić graduated from the Nikola Tesla Technical School in Vukovar, Croatia, and is now in his final year of Software Engineering at Algebra University College. He spent his teenage years playing video games, without thinking too much about the process of their creation. However, this changed once he enrolled in college.

He discovered that programming, operating systems and databases were a lot of fun and he completely devoted himself to it.

He spent his first year in college as a member of the FirePlace startup at Algebra LAB, which dealt with surveillance of fire stricken areas. During his second year, he worked at Sartura, where he wrote cloud microservices in programming language GO, which is one of Marin’s favorites. In his third year, he worked at Sportening, where he contributed to creating a sports fans social platform intended for hundreds of millions of users. He worked diligently, earning new clients, mostly US and UK based companies, which is why he decided to open his own company, Compiletime, where he develops different cloud solutions in languages such as Elixir, Erlang and Go. He also works on developing mobile and web apps.

When he is not working or in class, Marin likes to do a bit more programming, working on an idea for a product for virtualization and management of database centers. He likes music and plays the guitar. If you thought that was all, in 2013 Marin won third place in the state championship in rowing, the first place in the 2019 Austrian Business Hackahtlon in Zagreb, for a job hunting platform he created in collaboration with his colleagues from college, and first place, together with his colleagues, at the 2020 Krilo Hackathlonu in Split, with a project for an AI garbage collection bot.

So, if you are looking for a programming and systems expert, we believe you need to look no further. We wish Marin a lot of success in his future work and cannot wait to see his next acomplishments!

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