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Creative processes management

  • Class 30
  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 75
Total 120

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Creative processes management

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Course overview

This module introduces students to the best practices in creative management that bring visual communication projects through to successful completion. The learning in this module expands upon students’ knowledge and skills in developing design solutions that meet clients' marketing goals, the module provides a tactical emphasis on coordinating and directing creative resources to achieve a stated objective.

Students will learn the tools and techniques how to actualize design ideas and effectively manage the collaborative process with clients and other creatives. Apart from the theoretical knowledge contained in lectures, the module is work-project-based and requires successful completion of practical assignments that take methodical planning and meticulous practice and provide students with insight into management of different stages of the creative project development cycle.

Students will gain confidence in utilizing the people and procedures required to transform a creative concept into a finished designed work, regardless of the type of project. The module covers the oversight of creative jobs with specific deliverables, budgets, and schedules, as well as professional insights, ideas, and tactics from the real world of creative project management.


Essential reading:
1. Stone T.L. (2010) Managing the Design Process - Implementing Design. Rockport Publishers, Beverly, USA.

Recommended reading:
1. Best K. (2017) Fundamentals of Design Management. Bloomsbury Visual Arts, London, UK.
2. Stone T.L. (2010) Managing the Design Process - Concept Development. Rockport Publishers, Beverly, USA.

Further reading:
1. Ambrose G., Harris P. (2010) Basics Design 08 - Design Th!nking. AVA Publishing, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2. Cloninger C. (2006) Hot-Wiring Your Creative Process. New Riders, San Francisco, USA.
3. Pricken M. (2008) Creative Advertising, 2nd edn. Thames and Hudson, London, UK.

Preuzmi vodič za studente

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Allocate basic process management stages in simple projects
  • Determine standard planning, organizing and monitoring procedures in creative projects
  • Allocate different roles and tasks within the team
  • Estimate and apply basic strategies in client cooperation
  • Determine the basic concepts of team and client management

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Set up and implement various process management stages in complex projects
  • Analyse the importance of various planning, organizing and monitoring procedures in creative projects
  • Develop teamwork management and supervision skills
  • Direct and coordinate various strategies in client cooperation
  • Analyse different methods of approach to successful team and client management
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