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Idea management

  • Class 30
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 90
Total 150

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Idea management

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Course overview

The objective of this module is to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills of the ideation processes and offer solutions for managing these processes, with special emphasis on design.

By placing the module in the initial semester, students from various undergraduate programmes are acquainted with the processes of idea formation in individuals, in teams within marketing agencies and corporations, but also to test knowledge from previous study modules and students learn to grow in leadership knowledge and skills.

It is important for students to take this module in order to gain knowledge about the peculiarities of ideation processes and how to successfully encourage a creative atmosphere as a leader. Students will learn and understand the value of synergies between the factors involved in the process.

The module encourages proactive action towards the collection of knowledge and skills from undergraduate studies and builds future managers on that basis, in order to become successful process leaders for generating and implementing ideas


Essential reading:
1. Birss, D. (2019) How to Get to Great Ideas: A System for Smart, Extraordinary Thinking, Boston: Nicholas Brealey Publishing,
2. Green, A. (2010) Creativity in Public Relations 4th editon, London / Philadelphia, Kogan Page

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Use basic terminology related to ideas creation projects.
  • Explain rules and methods of profession in designing idea creation projects.
  • Create a simpler ideation project under the default conditions with mentoring.
  • Analyse the basic specificities of managing idea-making projects in the environment of smaller or larger teams, market communications agencies or corporate departments.
  • Create an idea management system with the necessary mentoring.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Use terminology related to the typology of ideas creation projects and recognize their interrelationships in practice.
  • Explain the broadest rules and methods of the profession and recognize their applicability in the real environment, and in the underlying conditions and problems recognize the solution and the opportunity.
  • Create a simpler ideation project in default conditions.
  • Analyse specificity of idea management projects in the environment of smaller or larger teams, market communications agencies, or corporate departments and deeply analyze and synthesize data with pronounced leadership features.
  • Create a more complex idea management system by creating ideas across all stages by solving conceptual and organizational items with emphasized leadership features.
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