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Ideation in film and video

  • Class 30
  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 75
Total 120

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Ideation in film and video

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Course overview

The objectives of this module are to enable students to use the tools and theory of video production in the development of group projects for marketing advertising or the production of a dedicated film.

Students learn to work together with other departments on a project assignment through the entire video production. Students will learn to apply tools for project preparation and elaboration in marketing communication. The module forms the optional core of the programme of study as it combines video production tools as well theoretical knowledge.

It is important for students to take this module in order to understand basic communication skills they will learn to use in the film market. Students will also learn to overcome frequent organizational / production problems and how to increase the quality of advertising or film on the market. This module will enable students to express their creativity using film language.


Essential reading:
1. Owens J. (2017) Video Production Handbook (6th edition), Routledge, London
2. Aitchison J. (2008) Cutting Edge Commercials: How to Create the World's Best TV ads for Brands in the 21st Century-2nd Edition, Pearson education, London

Recommended reading:
1. Honthaner E.L. (2010) The Complete Film Production Handbook-Routledge, London
2. Sutherland M. (2008) Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer (3rd edition) Routledge, London
3. Murch W. (2001) In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing, 2nd, Silman-James Press, Hollywood CA

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Recommend film language in marketing advertising.
  • Recommend and use advanced tools in analyse aesthetics of the video image.
  • Recommend creative solutions when creating the video content.
  • Recommend the possibilities of distributing video content through media platforms.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Justify film language in the preparation of independent project.
  • Evaluate quality of video in accordance with the laws of video aesthetics.
  • Predict and critically judge the quality of video content using market analysis
  • Valorize the importance of video content distribution.
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