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Integrated marketing communications

  • Class 30
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 90
Total 150

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Integrated marketing communications

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Course overview

This module builds upon the theory and primary concepts studied in the previous marketing modules and combines theoretical knowledge with strategic thinking and forms the vital core of the programme.
The objectives of this module is to enable students to:
• understand the need for marketing communication integration,
• critically assess the strategic nature and the basic concepts of integrated marketing communication, and
• use integrated marketing communication as a holistic approach to build and sustain long-term relationships between brand and targeted audience (market segment).
In this module students will learn the difference between traditional (tactical) and integrated (strategic) marketing communication (IMC) and the characteristics of the changing marketing environment – new consumer behaviour and interactive communication.
It is important for students to take this module in order to develop skills required to manage all communication mix tools in business practice, including advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal sales and direct marketing. Skills acquired in this module will contribute significantly to students’ development as marketing and advertising professionals.


Essential reading:
1. Juska, J.M. (2018) Integrated Marketing Communication: Advertising and Promotion in a Digital World. New York, NY: Taylor and Francis,

Recommended reading:
1. De Pelsmacker, P, Guens, M. and Van Den Bergh J. (2017) Marketing Communications: A European Perspective. 6th edn. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited.
2. Blakeman, R. (2018) Integrated Marketing Communication. 3rd edn. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield.
3. Ang, L. (2021) Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication. 2nd edn. New York, NY: Cambridge Univeristy Press.
4. Presuit, J.M. and McDowell Marinchak, C. L. (2016) Integrated Marketing Communication: Creating Spaces for Engagement. [n.k.], Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
5. Smith, PR and Zook, Z. (2020) Marketing Communications: Integrating Online and Offline, Customer Engagement and Digital Technologies. 7th edn. New York, NY: Kogan Page Limited.

Further reading:
1. Journal of Marketing, American Marketing Association
2. Journal of Marketing Communications, Taylor and Francis Online

Preuzmi vodič za studente

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Explain the strategic nature of integrated marketing communication
  • Compare categories and tools of integrated marketing communications.
  • Argue which effective long term marketing communication strategy could meet specific company’s needs.
  • Recommend the strategy for devising integrated marketing communications within a specific business case.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Evaluate changes in marketing communications within digital environment.
  • Analyse new digital strategies and the shift from traditional marketing communication towards IMC.
  • Select and suggest integrated marketing communications strategic options.
  • Determine the factors that are affecting the design of marketing communications strategy and brand equity development
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