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Presentation design elements

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  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 75
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Presentation design elements

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Course overview

The module is focused on enabling students to develop and design their presentations through the use of different visual and media elements. It incorporates theoretical and practical approaches in defining the basic concept, structure and methodology for creating a successful presentation of personal ideas, works in progress, products, as well as complex interdisciplinary projects.

Through this programme of study students will learn to structure and create the content of presentations by incorporating basic design principles like: the usage of typography, colour and contrasts, defining the composition of text and visuals, implementation of illustrations, photos and videos as well as adopting advanced medium tools and incorporating integral presentation approaches with storytelling skills and techniques.

This module offers methods that are necessary for designing the main structures of presentation;, starting from defining the problem of presentation and elaborating the main massage, through choosing the proper medium for presenting and creating the concept of visualization, to creating the most effective audience impact regarding the context of presentation.

This module is designed to offer an integrated approach to presentation design, using all available methods and media, from writing and designing creative statements to creating complex visual presentations. The results of the module are focused directly on training the students to realize the quality of innovative presentations and the usage of design elements in order to successfully deliver the massage and present their projects.


Essential reading:
1. Reynolds G. (2014) Presentation zen Design, Peachpit, San Francisco.

Recommended reading:
2. Duarte N, (2013) Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, Wiley, New Jersey.

Further reading:
3. Weissman J. (2009) Presenting to Win : The Art of Telling Your Story, FT press, New Jersey.

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Analyse and define advanced principles of making presentations.
  • Design and structure the use of visual elements in presentations.
  • Design a visual idea following selected topic or product/service.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Analyse, define and visually elaborate the advanced principles of making presentations.
  • Design and structure the use of visual elements in presentations based on design principles.
  • Design and establish new elements of visuality following selected topic or product/service.
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