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Project management in creative industries

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  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 90
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Project management in creative industries

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Course overview

The objective of this module is to enable students to:
• analyse the concepts behind project and event organization
• prepare a business plan for an event or a project

Students learn the theoretical and practical concepts of roject and event organization.

The module is taught at the last semester of this graduate study programme and builds on the knowledge gained in all the previous modules. This module is designed to empower students to show their projects to the public in the most successful way.

It is important for students to take this module in order to familiarise themselves with the process of project management in a business environment, and to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to design, manage and lead event. Students will learn the techniques of leading a team and managing communication content within and in between individual processes, and to successfully manage conflict and crisis situations within a project, which will contribute to the overall skillset for their future employment in the field of design and communications management.


Essential reading:
1. Publications Office of the EU (2018) PM² project management methodology [online]
Available at:

Recommended reading:
1. Cleland, D. and Ireland, L. (2006) Project management – Strategic Design and Implementation.5th edn. [s.l.] McGraw-Hill Education.
2. [Anon.] (2017) A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).6th edn. [s.l.] Project Management Institute.
3. IPMA (2016) Individual Competence Baseline, Version 4.0 (ICB4) [online]
Available at:

Further reading:
1. Kerzner, H. (2013) PROJECT MANAGEMENT - a Systems Approach to Planing, Scheduling and Controling,.11th edn. [s.l.] Wiley.

Preuzmi vodič za studente

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Define and explain the term, the meaning and the concept of event (project) organisation. Explain project structure and organizational structure.
  • Analyse competitiveness and the efficacy of events as a specific tool in market communication. Define and explain the process and the techniques of project management.
  • Define and shape the content reach and combine the elements of realisation of the event (to conceptualise, plan, organise, control the event), i.e. to think of and to lead its communication, promotional and sales dimension in the project management tool.
  • Make and present a business plan of a simple event - a project of moderate complexity.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Differentiate and explain key types of projects. Choose project and organizational structure for different types of projects.
  • Master the skills necessary for successful event organisation, as well as leading the team.
  • Evaluate realisation elements of an event as well as the supporting activities and the performance and the efficacy of events through all event dimensions in the project management tool.
  • Make and present a business plan of a complex event - a complex project.
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