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Learning outcomes on the programme level

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  • Creating a digital future in Croatia for 25 years
  • Institutional exchange agreements with more than 100 institutions
  • 96% of alumni employed 3 months after graduation

Professional Study of Design

Learning Outcomes for the Study Programme


  1. Analyze and solve problems of applying, finishing and new implementation of existing visual content in a wider business context and supporting appropriate solutions using creative and critical thinking techniques
  2.  Perform a more demanding market project by following set of requirements and standards and applying modern technologies, tools and methodologies
  3.  Adapt way of thinking and elaborate visual content by form, functionality, usage, and platform of utilization
  4.  Recognize the need, and then prepare a blueprint for intellectual property protection and develop activities to strengthen the brand identity as well as complete idea behind the visual content,
  5.  Approach the new trends and development of technologies and materials in a structured manner that ensures independence, logical approach to problem solving and creating visual solutions that go beyond the known and customary ways
  6.  Carry out a product or a motif through stylistic and psychological postulates and ensure further visual development of the idea to support its goal and improve market perception


  1.  Introduce solutions through the use of three-dimensional visualization and animation to ensure an optimized and faster process of making visual content in relation to twodimensional vectoral or raster techniques
  2.  Analytically synthesize data, recognizing trends and messages in order to use examples of market communications to communicate the applicable marketing solutions
  3.  Evaluate the entrepreneurial idea and propose adequate business and organizational conditions for its realization in the field of creative and cultural industries
  4.  Shape and create complex audio-video content, that includes special effects and animations, using digital tools and following the script, storyboard and framing
  5. Optimize your idea or a message according to the needs of the user, brand and the expected communication effect by respecting the specifics of digital communication channels and platforms
  6. Conceptualize and create your own portfolio, with optimized protected works and a placement strategy that can dynamically communicate your own work towards achieving social perception of creators according to their goal or targeted social group
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