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Lecture Plan

In addition to compulsory modules, students will be required to choose a group of optional modules from the following available:

By selecting group of optional modules, the optional modules of that group are singled out in the curriculum.

First year

Semester 1

Innovative project 1 - Product or services ideation and planning815150Obligatory
Creativity and critical thinking3453015Obligatory
Quantitative methods and modeling4603030Obligatory
Programming in Python5451530Obligatory
Data warehousing and business intelligence5603030Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType
Advanced mobile programming5451530DEV1
Advanced application development based on templates5451530DEV2
Data engineering5603030DS1

Semester 2

Social network analysis6603030Obligatory
Innovative project 2 - Product or services development61569Obligatory
Data analytics in cloud computing4603030Obligatory
Intro to DevOps4451530Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType
Advanced information system interoperability5451530DEV1
Advanced programming paradigms5451530DEV2
Computer vision fundamentals5451530DEV1
Secure coding5451530DEV2
Structured analytic techniques4603030DS1
Introduction to machine learning6603030DS1

Second year

Semester 3

Big data analysis techniques4603030Obligatory
Innovative Project 3 - Go to market strategies61569Obligatory
Advanced machine learning6603030Obligatory
Cyber security management4603030Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType
Affective computing6603030DS1
Rapid development of Java applications using frameworks5451530DEV2
Advanced client side scripting5451530DEV1
Optimization algorithms based on evolutionary computation5451530DEV2
Applied DevOps5451530DEV1
Data visualization - Techniques and tools4603030DS1

Semester 4

Final thesis30000Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType
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