Assistant Professor PhD Hrvoje Jerković - Algebra University College
Advanced Machine Learning Methods

Assistant Professor PhD Hrvoje Jerković

Hrvoje Jerković PhD, M. Eng., was born on October 23, 1976 in Zagreb, Croatia. He received Doctoral Degree in Applied Computer Science in 2012 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He’s longtime manager of various departments for managing and implementing information systems in a business environment. Researcher and lecturer at the Algebra University. Lecturer in courses: Disruptive technologies. He has completed several certified programs in the field of machine learning and deep learning. His professional work is focused on the management and implementation of projects in the fields of data and information science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and their application in business, society and industry. He has published dozens of scientific and professional papers.

Associated courses:

Graduate study - Applied Computer Engineering

Data Science sub-specialization
Disruptive technologies
Machine Learning Methods
Advanced Machine Learning Methods

Graduate study - Digital marketing

Digital Marketing
Disruptive technologies
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