Design & Communications Management

CRM - Customer Management

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  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 150
Total 180

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CRM - Customer Management

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Course objectives

Providing students with a complete insight into all the aspects of managing client relations.


Familiarising students with the concept of CRM. Teaching students to understand the central role of a client. Determining who the clients of the company actually are. Understanding and evaluation of values of clients for a company. Evolution of business system according to the model in which clients present the focal point, and not the corporations. The role of marketing function in CRM: familiarisation with the basic segments of marketing - targeted at satisfying the clients' needs (research, campaign, messages, target groups, consumer behaviour, consumer loyalty, direct marketing and 1 on 1 marketing....) The role of sale function in CRM - organisation of sale force based on CRM principles (Parret principles and KAM, multifunctional principle to the clients, resolving clients' issues instead of selling goods and services). The role of managing by serving clients (customer service) in CRM - the significance of service delivered in individual industries, consideration of the influence of client satisfaction on business results in a company. Integration of marketing, sales and customer service in the comprehensive CRM concept: creating a consistent experience of clients through business functions and communication channels of the company. Shaping of the CRM business strategy and its implementation. Examples of successful CRM strategy implementations of the world leading companies. The role of information technology in CRM and the available software tools for CRM. The concept of a chain of values/offer and their influence of understanding the future of CRM development. The future of CRM in the "digital economics" environment.

Required reading

Muller, J., Srića, V., Upravljanje odnosom s klijentima: Upotrebom CRM poslovne strategije do povećanja konkurentnosti, Delfin, Zagreb, 2005.
Dyche, J., The CRM Handbook: A Business Guide to Customer Relationship Management, Pearson Education Corporate Sales Division, USA, 2002.

Additional reading

Blackwell, R. D., Stephan, K., Customers Rule, Crown Business – Member of the Crown Publishing Group, New York, 2001.
Greenberg, P., CRM at the Speed of Light, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley, California, 2001.
Seybold, P., The Customer Revolution, Crown Business – Member of the Crown Publishing Group, New York, 2001.
Peppers, D., Rogers, M., Managing Customer Relationship, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey, 2004.
Reynolds, J., A Practical Guide to CRM, CMP Boks, New York, 2002.
Freeland, J. G., The Ultimate CRM Handbook, McGraw-Hill, New York, 2003

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