Design & Communications Management

Idea Management in Market Communications

  • Class 15
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 135
Total 180

Course title

Idea Management in Market Communications

Lecture type


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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

Familiarise students with the complexity of the process of creating ideas as one of the fundamental tools of market advantage and with the methods of managing these processes.


The role of creativity in society and the relation of society to creativity. Processes and methods of creating ideas. Idea, Innovation, Inventions, Brand ... The specialties of creating ideas in individual-creatives, small creative teams, creative departments or the total resources of marketing agencies and corporate departments of companies and institutions. Methods of creating ideas and methods of managing processes of creation. Leadership and encouragement of a creative atmosphere. Synergy of factors involved in the process. Communication platforms and other forms of potential consumers entering into the process of generating ideas. Analysis of realised projects. Creating projects in imaginative terms.

Required reading

1.Josip Vrančić: IDEA_L_NO!?, ideje and tržišne komunikacije (e-book), 2019
(+ digital publication with lecture review (via Moodle, before M1 and M2); additional empowerment of the lessons, with contents from the literature of other authors, which are considered necessary by the insight into the knowledge of students; for foreign students: alternate literature / book(s) in English)

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Use basic terminology related to ideas creation projects.
  • Know basic rules and methods of profession in designing idea creation projects
  • Create a simpler design idea project under the default conditions with mentoring.
  • Familiar with the basic specificities of managing idea-making projects in the environment of smaller or larger teams, market communications agencies or corporate departments.
  • Create an idea management system with the necessary mentoring.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Advanced use of terminology related to the typology of ideas creation projects and recognize their interrelationships in practice.
  • Know the broadest rules and methods of the profession and recognize their applicability in the real environment, and in the underlying conditions and problems recognize the solution and the opportunity.
  • Create a simpler idea-design project in default conditions.
  • Learn more about the specificity of idea management projects in the environment of smaller or larger teams, market communications agencies, or corporate departments and deeply analyze and synthesize data with pronounced leadership features.
  • Create a more complex idea management system by creating ideas across all stages by solving conceptual and organizational items with emphasized leadership features.
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