Design & Communications Management

Practicum 1

  • Class 0
  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 105
Total 120

Course title

Practicum 1

Lecture type


Course code






Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

The realisation of professional practice supervised by an expert mentor during a project assignment which is set and defined in advance.


Working on case studies through team work in order to anticipate work situation from professional life. Independent elaboration of assignments set in clear briefings. Practice - simulation with help of individual tasks in specific practice and environment conditions which are normally found in designer studios, agencies, marketing or commercial departments of companies/corporations. The procedure of the practicum: tendering for work, application, briefing (last possible opportunity for absence), accepting the job (agreeing on the fundamental points of the practicum), project work, presentation, additional work and documentation. Communication with mentor - job manager in a design studio, department or an agency and cooperation with the class mentor. Managing the organisation of the practicum and the time of completion - division in three phases: first, organisation of individual tasks; second, organisation and practice execution in a design studio, agency or a design department within a business, company/corporation and third, organisation of individual tasks. The process of documenting the practicum and creating a practicum report (portfolio).

Required reading

Maura Keller - Design Matters_ Portfolios 01_ An Essential Primer for Today's Competitive Market (2010, Rockport Publishers)

Additional reading

Denise Anderson - Stand Out_ Design a personal brand. Build a killer portfolio. Find a great design job. (2016, Peachpit Press)
[Design Field Guides] Sara Eisenman - Building Design Portfolios_ Innovative Concepts for Presenting Your Work (2006, Rockport Publishers)

Minimal learning outcomes

  • To name the content units of the documentation.
  • To visually design documentation.
  • Visual balance and presentation of documentation and portfolio.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • To organise the content units of the documentation.
  • To visually design documentation – composition.
  • Categorically substantiate and present documentation and portfolio.
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