Design & Communications Management

Process Management in Market Communications

  • Class 15
  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 90
Total 120

Course title

Process Management in Market Communications

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

Introduce students with creativity in the context of market communications with an emphasis on creative management of market communications. By attending the course, students will learn to understand the client's attitudes and expectations, and when this is not able to clearly express it, they will be able to clearly communicate it to the creative team, will become able to present several solutions to possible solutions, gain a clear picture of the overall creative process in each individual case, skillfully using all useful experiences and knowledge of all forms of creative expression.


Different processes in market communications from cooperation with the client to cooperation within the time professionals with different knowledge and skills. Tools and techniques for effective planning, organization and management. Understanding and using best practices to manage creative processes that deliver successful results. Coordinate and direct creative resources according to the goal, use talents and procedures according to the requirements of various creative tasks. Creative management of market communications: designing, organizing and coordinating creative business / agency activities, controlling and controlling the work of creative workers, creative solutions and performing individual advertisements or complete advertising campaigns, creating an overall creative atmosphere, leadership in creative departments as a link between different creative expressions and phase, understanding of creative processes. Creativity in market communications as applied creativity: processes, situations and parameters of finding new solutions or new ways of interpreting existing elements and bringing them into a new context in order to achieve the defined goal. Creativity of advertising as a synergy of specialist disciplines, relationships with clients, courage, understanding and trust. Knowledge needed for the analysis, modeling, optimization and documentation of the market communication process as a whole with a focus on three strategic fields: customer orientation, orientation towards (co) workers and process orientation. Project management skills and techniques with the goal of completing the work in time in accordance with the budget with high professional standards. Project life cycle including coordinated activities with a certain start, end, and goal, the realization of which is limited by time, costs and resources.

Required reading

Stone T. L., Managing the Design Process - Implementing Design, Rockport Publishers, 2010.

Additional reading

Ambrose G., Harris P., Basics Design 08 - Design Th!nking, AVA Publishing, 2010.
Pricken M., Creative Advertising, Thames and Hudson, 2008.
Best K., Fundamentals of Design Management, AVA Publishing, 2010.
Stone T. L., Managing the Design Process - Concept Development, Rockport Publishers, 2010.
Cloninger C., Hot-Wiring Your Creative Process, New Riders, 2006.

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of managing creative processes.
  • Setting up different projects.
  • Knowledge of different phases in simple and complex projects.
  • Possibility to estimate the cost of projects.
  • Knowing the basics of teamwork.
  • Knowing the basics of team management.
  • Knowledge of client cooperation.
  • Understanding the basics of profitability on creative projects.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Knowledge and application of process management criteria.
  • Determining tasks within different projects.
  • Ability to monitor phases of all types of projects.
  • Budget allocation within the project and billing strategy.
  • Placement and distribution of roles within the team.
  • Team management and control skills.
  • Mastering the methods of successful client management.
  • Mastering methods of improving profitability.
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