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Lecture Plan

In addition to compulsory modules, students will be required to choose a group of optional modules from the following available:

By selecting group of optional modules, the optional modules of that group are singled out in the curriculum.

First year

Semester 1

Behavioral economics6603030Obligatory
Digital transformation and disruptive business models5451530Obligatory
Innovative project 1 - Product or services ideation and planning815150Obligatory
Innovation management and new product development6603030Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType

Semester 2

Innovative project 2 - Product or services development61569Obligatory
Customer experience5603030Obligatory
Marketing data and metrics5603030Obligatory
International marketing5603030Obligatory
Management and Leadership5603030Obligatory
Application of game theory in marketing4603030Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType

Second year

Semester 3

Innovative Project 3 - Go to market strategies61569Obligatory
Principles of sales and negotiation4603030Obligatory
Strategic marketing6603030Obligatory
Brand management in the digital era6603030Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType
Alternative marketing tools and processes4603030DATA
Analytical software tools in digital marketing4603030TEH
CRM and marketing automation4603030CRM
Creativity and critical thinking4603030CT

Semester 4

Final thesis22000Obligatory

Elective coursesECTSHoursPdVjType
Network analysis and social CRM4603030CRM
Design thinking4603030CT
Artificial intelligence in marketing4451530DATA
Visualization software tools4603030TEH
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