PhD Nataša Trojak, Senior Lecturer - Algebra University College
Behavioral economics

PhD Nataša Trojak, Senior Lecturer

PhD Nataša Trojak, Senior Lecturer

Nataša Trojak is Vice Dean for students and senior lecturer of the economic group of subjects at Algebra University College. She graduated in 1996 and defended a master of science in 2009, both at the Faculty of Economics, department "Organization and Management". She is currently attending the doctoral program in psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, where he focused on the area of organizational psychology and human resources management. During her studies she started working in a number of smaller companies, and after graduation continued her career in Wrigley, then AWT International, Gastro Grupa, and finally opened her own company. Since 2001 she is educator for number of workshops, training and classic classes in different higher education institutions, but also in companies, development agencies, etc. Since 2009, professional career continued in the field of higher education, when she started to work as Senior Lecturer and Vice dean for tuition. Since September 2015 she is working at Algebra University College. The emphasis in the teaching process is in the area of management, strategic management, human resources management and entrepreneurship. She held a series of workshops for various groups of participants (companies, craftsmen, individuals) from earlier mentioned areas . As Vice-Dean participated in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of training for teachers. She has published, individually and in a team, a series of articles, teaching materials and books mainly in the field of management and entrepreneurship. She also participates in national and international conferences.

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