Behavioral economics

Msc Ratka Jurković, Senior Lecturer

Ratka graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and holds master degrees from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and University of Oxford. She has been in the entrepreneurial waters for more than 20 years, acquiring her first entrepreneurial experience in her family business, which subsequently resulted in the creation of her own consulting business. Her expertise lies within the areas of "soft" management skills (the art of decision-making in organizations, leadership, employee motivation, teamwork and group dynamics) and has worked with various Croatian companies and public institutions. Moreover, she works as an expert on international and domestic projects, performs "train the trainers" programs and individual coaching for managers and entrepreneurs. On top of her consulting business, she works as lecturer/guest lecturer at Croatian and international universities and business schools (Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Latvia) where she teaches various topics within the fields of: business ethics, economics, leadership, management and multicultural communications.She authored and co-authored several books and handbooks in the field of entrepreneurship, management, decision making and communication and publishes extensively in the leading Croatian business magazines.

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