Digital Marketing

Brand and reputation management

  • Class 15
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 120
Total 165

Course title

Brand and reputation management

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

The goal of this subject is to familiarize students with the concept of reputation and explain its role in organization processes. Students will have an opportunity to encounter key fields of reputation management. They will learn how to use tools and channels of communication in an effective way with an aim to guard, strengthen and differentiate organizations, as well as achieving optimal business goals. Furthermore, the students will get to know a term and definition of a brand and will consequently learn different strategies and tactics for successful brand management.


Official subject content is based on showing successful and unsuccessful practices within the field of reputation management, brand management, communication management, crisis communication, using new media and analysis of various cases and discussions.

Required reading

1. Joep P. Cornelissen, Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice, 5th Edition
2. Jean-Noël Kapferer, The New Strategic Brand Management: Advanced Insights and Strategic Thinking (New Strategic Brand Management: Creating and Sustaining Brand Equity) 5th Edition

Additional reading

Dowling,G.R., Creaing Corporate Reputations;Oxford 2001
Joep Cornelissen: Corporate communication: A guide to Theory and Practice; 2008, London (Second Edition)

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Evaluate elements and processes needed for establishing efficient brand management platform.
  • Evaluate elements and processes for establishing an efficient brand reputation platform.
  • Evaluate the role of different tools and processes necessary for brand management at the communication level.
  • Recommend elements and processes of brand reputation at the tactical level.
  • Evaluate processes and elements of brand management at strategic level

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Recommend a strategy to establish efficient brand management platform.
  • Recommend a strategy for establishing an efficient brand reputation platform.
  • Recommend a strategy for brand management at the communication level.
  • Recommend processes of brand reputation at the strategic level
  • Recommend the processes and elements of brand management at the strategic level
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