Digital Marketing

Communication and presentation skills

  • Class 30
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 120
Total 180

Course title

Communication and presentation skills

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

The course is designed to prepare students to advance their careers and to achieve a high level of performance as professionals. Strong communication skills provide an advantage in the job market because the world is full of good engineers, marketing strategists, attorneys and accountants, but it is not full of good communicators. Except specific expectations which vary by certain profession and position, communication skills are by far the most commonly mentioned skill set that employers are looking for. Also, in an era of uncertainty when lifetime employment is long gone, it is important to adapt to the new rules in the workplace, to take charge and manage our own careers, find opportunities and build our own employment security and expand the employment options. Most of the challenges resulting from newly established freedoms and flexibility in the global workplace require solid communication skills which makes them more important than ever. Therefore, improving communication and presentation skills strongly benefits careers and business success, no matter what profession or career path one decides to pursue.


The course helps developing vital communication and presentation skills that are used throughout anyone's career. This is to be accomplished using a combination of theory and application in order to provide thorough understanding of the communication and presentation principles. The focus is on gaining valuable insights into active listening, persuasion and negotiation, teamwork and intercultural skills while learning effective strategies for the many types of communication challenges.

Required reading

Thill, J.V., L. Bovee. (2017). Excellence in Business Communication, 12th edition. Pearson Education.
Magzan, M., T. Babić. (2019). Negotiation and Conflict Resolution: Perfecting Skills We Use Daily, Algebra.

Additional reading

Ford-Brown, L. DK Dorling Kindersley. (2016). DK Communication, Pearson Education.
Froemling, K. K., Grice G. L. et al. (2010). Communication: Handbook. Pearson Education.

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Understanding Communication Process and components of effective communication
  • Applying Intercultural Competences, Persuasion and Negotiation Skills
  • Synthesize the Three-Step Writing Process: Planning, Writing and Completing Messages
  • Understanding Digital Media for Business Communication
  • Applying Communication Skills for networking, interviewing and excelling in your career.
  • Applying Communication Skills for career management.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Applying strategies for active listening and analyze the impact of listening filters. Identifying elements of professionalism, etiquete and the role of emotional intelligence in communication. Recognize the importance of adjusting to audience for communication Effectiveness. Discuss ethics and identify the difference between an ethical dilemma and an ethical lapse.
  • Integrate Intercultural Communication Skills (verbal and nonverbal) and analyze the role of culture in communication and negotiation. Identify ethnocentrism and stereotypes and discuss principles of persuasion and sources of power in negotiation. Discuss negotiation nature, basics and components.
  • Crafting messages, from routine and negative ones, to persuasive messages and messages for digital channels
  • Analyze major digital media formats available for business messages, evaluate integration of visuals with text and presenting data in a visual format, crafting messages for digital channels
  • Designing your own personal branding: interviewing for a job and creating an effective elevator pitch.
  • Creating Employment Portfolio and writing application letters and resumes.
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