Drago Cmuk is the director for business development of the CADCAM Group, working in the filed of digital transformation (DX). It helps companies in strategic transformation and creating a competitive advantage using leading digital platforms and technologies. He earned an international, double doctorate in the field of Electronics and ICT at UniSannio in Italy and at FER in Zagreb, and an Executive MBA at Cotrugli Business School. He worked at FER and UniSannio in Italy, and then in industry led the development, production and implementation of software and hardware solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Through prominent projects in the public and industrial sectors, he brought innovation and digital transformation to companies, industries, and large organizations. Currently he continuously advises and guides dozens of leading regional companies on their digital journey with a team of experts. He teaches at business schools and colleges, as well as numerous conferences. He takes his work, not himself, very seriously

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Graduate study - Digital marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital transformation and disruptive business models
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