Ivo Knežević, mag.oec. was born on December 9, 1986 in Zadar. After graduating from The Faculty of Economics and Business in 2011, he begins his career in Ledo. The focus of the work is on setting up brand strategy development, marketing mix management, data analysis, management of marketing budget as well as creation, coordination and implementation of annual development, marketing and communication plan. In 2016 he continues his career at Zagrebačka banka where he is a part of the bank's Marketing Team. In close collaboration with creative and media agencies, his work resulted in Bank's traditional first position when it comes to research on the positioning and preference of the brand. During his working experience, he had successfully executed several projects which he regular tell students at faculties. Also he is an active member of the amateur vocal ensemble Lisinski.

Associated courses:

Graduate study - Digital marketing

Digital Marketing
Digital transformation and disruptive business models

Digital Marketing - Undergraduate study

Digital Marketing
Career - Marketing jobs, portfolio and CV
Introduction to marketing

Visual Communications Design - Undergraduate study

3D Visual Communications Design
Visual Communications Design
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