Strategic marketing

Msc Lordan Kondić, Lecturer

mr. sc. Lordan Kondic has over twenty years of professional experience in marketing, sales and management in B2B and B2C areas. He has expertise in market research, product and service development advertising, CRM, and marketing strategy development and implementation. Actively participates in the development of advertising strategies, campaigns and services / products for multiple markets. Lordan has extensive experience managing the launch of a new brand and two major rebranding projects. In the last position, he managed a team of more than fifty people, able to create a strong team of associates and develop quality relationships with the same level of management in other business areas. He is a dynamic leader who is able to motivate team members, present the company at all levels and in any environment.

Associated courses:

Graduate study - Digital marketing

Digital Marketing
Innovation management and new product development
Brand management in the digital era
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