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Lordan Kondić, Lecturer

Starting his professional journey more than twenty-seven years ago, his career development has been marked by continuous growth and evolution in the fields of marketing, sales, and management. He gained experience in both B2B and B2C sectors, where he honed skills that enabled him not only to follow trends but also to lead them. His expertise in brand management, market research, advertising, product and service development, customer relationship management (CRM), and the development and implementation of marketing strategies are not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills developed through various initiatives and projects. He led two significant rebranding projects, confirming his ability to successfully lead and execute complex marketing strategies and manage large teams. He founded two companies of his own and currently works as a consultant with clients from the media industry, telecommunications, tourism, advertising, etc. Imparting knowledge and experience to the next generation of experts is as important to him as professional experience. Through five years of teaching experience, he specialized in the areas of innovation, analysis, and marketing strategy, helping students develop the skills they need for success in a rapidly changing world. He advanced academically through a postgraduate degree in Business Management - MBA at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and continues his academic journey as a doctoral candidate at the same faculty. His scientific specialization is in social media and brand user engagement, and understanding and innovating the ways brands connect with consumers in the digital age.