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Professional Master Study Programme in Applied Computer Engineering

Game Development

This study programme is validated by Goldsmiths, University of London. Seize the unique opportunity to study in English and earn a Dual Degree from Algebra University and Goldsmiths, University of London!

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We know you don't lack imagination. We’re sure that you have brilliant ideas. You just need those extra few skills to turn your imagination into amazing digital adventures.

The computer games development course will give you just that.

If you love gaming, but if you also find yourself wondering that during game play you are thinking of refining or improving some elements of it, then this is the right place for you.

We’ll learn how to develop games on all platforms and we’ll look at modern and future trends in order to best equip your skill set to be in line and ahead of the development curve.

Upon receiving our diploma, you’ll be on your way to making a real career in game development, whether independently, in a small private studio or one of the giants of the industry.

Student guide

What are the takeaways from the master Computer game development course?

The master course allows you to further perfect the skills in the field you love. We will transfer skills and modern-day knowledge that employers demand onto to you. Here is a snapshot of some of them:

The master study programme has been conceived based on recommendations from the European SOCRATES network and satisfies the criteria based on ASIIN accreditation agency recommendations, which are applicable in the field of computer engineering.

3D Modelling

Master the art of 3D Design study programme and using texturing techniques. Learn how to create 3D models applicable in game development.

Computer Games Development

Learn how to look at things holistically. From initial concept and planning to detailed scenario development, game flow and monetization, distribution and licensing issues.


Learn how forces of physics are introduced and applied to game movement.


Learn how computer games are adapted to VR and extended reality.

Multiplayer Games

Understand everything about the ‘hot seat’ and local and distant networks and all the way to online worlds supported by the gaming masses.

NPC Programming

Discover how to devise a decision making system for computer-controlled agents.

Project Management

Be a 100% ready for preparing and executing projects; build quality team coordination, HR management, budgetary and risk management skills.


Adopt and absorb competencies such as accountability and high professional standards, which are required for operating independently at the highest possible levels.

Best Practice

Learn how to come up with innovative solutions utilizing critical analysis and understanding of contemporary trends and practices.

Examples of jobs we’re preparing you for

  • Computer game development based on VR and Augmented Reality
    VR and AR games have been popular for some time and are being perfected almost daily.
  • Development of 2D and 3D games
    Perhaps you’ll take part in developing the latest international hit game!
  • Game development base on persistent worlds
    Timski rad na zanimljivim, dinamičnim, izazovnim zadacima.Team work based on interesting, dynamic and very challenging assignments.
  • Expert for computer game scenario development
    Lots of creative work with quite specific demands.
  • Project Manager
    Learn how to push finished games to different platforms, based on their specific requirements.

Example Class

Disruptive Technologies

Progress is changing our lives, our workplace and the global economy. Technology has the potential to really change the world in which we live and work. In order to call it disruptive, technology has to satisfy at least one of these criteria: replace existing obsolete technology or be a driver for creating a completely new industry. Based on examples of the past and present, we’ll learn how to think critically in a world where almost every tech breakthrough is celebrated as cross-roads and learn how to spot the ones that really have the potential to become true disruptors. Discover how to discern ideas that have potential and how to predict future trends.

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