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Lecture Plan

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First year

Semester 1

Innovative project 1 - Product or services ideation and planning815150Obligatory
Creativity and critical thinking3453015Obligatory
Computer game planning454945Obligatory
Computer games development554945Obligatory
Conceptual and applied 2D art for computer games5451530Elective
Mathematical foundations of game development5451530Elective
General programming techniques5451530Elective
Introduction to 3D modeling for computer games5451530Elective

Semester 2

Innovative project 2 - Product or services development61569Obligatory
Applied DevOps5451530Obligatory
Rational game and level design4451530Obligatory
Development of 3D games5451530Obligatory
Advanced computer games development5451530Elective
Advanced 3D modeling for computer games5451530Elective
Narrative design5451530Elective
Development of multiplayer games5451530Elective

Second year

Semester 3

Innovative Project 3 - Go to market strategies61569Obligatory
Mobile and hypercasual games5451530Obligatory
Monetization and marketing of computer games4451530Obligatory
3D animation in computer games5451530Elective
Application of virtual and expanded reality5451530Elective
Programming with 3D models5451530Elective
Developing computer game scenario5451530Elective
Computer game scripting5451530Elective
Visual effects in computer games5451530Elective

Semester 4

Final thesis30000Obligatory
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