Game Development

Marketing of computer games

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  • Practice 45
  • Independent work 120
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Marketing of computer games

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Course objectives

As video-games market becomes more competitive the path to success (reception and sales) is more and more related to the quality of the marketing for a product, not just its execution. We will be using a simple, standardized approach to marketing systems and strategy (McCarthy’s 4Ps) but it will be applied and executed on a concrete project either individually by each student or in teams. During this course we will focus exclusively on video-games marketing, with a heavy emphasis on Online marketing, Digital distribution and Virality. The students will go through direct, first-hand marketing of a video-game product.


The overview of the computer game market and the most common platforms and promotional methods. The basics of market research and comparative analytics of computer games. Preparation of simple marketing materials for the purpose of promoting computer games. Strategic marketing components (product, place, price, promotion), game-specific marketing (viral marketing, online distribution platforms and social media marketing).

Required reading

Video Game Marketing: A student textbook (Peter Zackariasson, Mikolaj Dymek)

Additional reading

Videogame Marketing and PR: Vol. 1: Playing to Win (Scott Steinberg)
BASIC MARKETING: A Marketing Strategy Planning Approach (19th Edition, Jerome McCarthy)
Contagious: Why Things Catch On (Jonah Berger)
Building a Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen (Donald Miller)

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Evaluate any given marketing strategy
  • Compare marketing strategies from a given list
  • Measure, compare the appropriate channels to achieve the target
  • Invent / Create one or more marketing strategy targets
  • Critically judge and justify a product's positioning on the market
  • Create target goals for specific communication channels
  • Conduct the marketing campaign, foresee and recommend adjustments to the marketing strategy

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Evaluate and measure any given marketing strategy
  • Evaluate and rank a product's positioning on the market
  • Foresee and recommend the actions and schedule needed to reach the target
  • Measure and critically judge a a game's place and promotion positioning
  • Justify the place and promotion needed for own game
  • Judge and compare the actions and schedule needed to reach the target
  • Evaluate and rank the outcome of the marketing strategy execution
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