Game Development

Practice: Development of computer games

  • Class 15
  • Practice 45
  • Independent work 120
Total 180

Course title

Practice: Development of computer games

Lecture type


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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

Work in a team, create a valid GDD (Game Design Document), design and create graphic elements of the game, build playable prototype, design and build game programming architecture, build a game based on the GDD, test the game,


Working in a team. A game design document. Tools for creating graphic elements. Export tools for graphic elements (formats). Basics of game architecture. Scenes in the game. The conditions for starting, ending, and changing the scenes. Scoring system. Importing graphics elements into a game engine. Publish to targeted platforms

Required reading

Jesse Schell
The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses

Additional reading

Unity 3D documentation

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Design and write a game design document
  • Build game concept.
  • Build basic mechanics prototype
  • Analyze alternative game architectures and their applicability to a specific game.
  • Create visual identity for the game
  • Create sound effects and music for the game.
  • Test the game.
  • Prepare the game for publishing on various platforms.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Critically judge a game design document based on the current gaming market
  • Filter concepts fitting available resources and choose those with biggest commercial potential.
  • Choose best mechanics by AB testing.
  • Design architecture which is simple, modular, reusable and which allows team work.
  • Adjust visual identity of the game to fit desired visual style. Build graphics elements for usage on a number of different platforms, respecting rules and limitations of those platforms.
  • Define the system for dynamic usage of the sounds in the game. Adjust sounds to be complement to the game and to the music.
  • Build automatic tests for logic and conceptual errors. Use test results as a base for further game improvements-
  • Recognise limitations and specifics of various platforms, modify game, UI, graphics and sound elements.
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