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Professional Master Study Programme

Joint Master Study Programme in Computer Science – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

  • No.1 quality assurance system in Croatia
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  • Institutional exchange agreements with more than 100 institutions
  • 96% of alumni employed 3 months after graduation

The joint master study programme in Computer Science – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence has been developed jointly by Algebra University College and EPITECH.

The master study programme in Computer Science – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence is designed for students who wish to acquire skills necessary to work with advanced technological systems in areas pertaining to Internet of Things (hereinafter: IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter: AI), such as: home automation, environment, healthcare, smart city, smart agriculture, data-empowered products and services, AI enabled assistant services and similar.

The aim of this study programme is to build all skills required for understanding IoT and AI, including data science and full-stack IoT developer roles, from the design and implementation of smart solutions to data analytics and hardware management, as well as communication protocols, Cloud-based backend APIs and data/big data storages. Furthermore, students will acquire broader critical thinking and entrepreneurial skills contextualized to IoT and AI applications.

The prerequisite for enrolling in this study programme is a bachelor’s degree in computer science and/or system engineering and an intermediate level of proficiency in the English language, as well as a strong proficiency in programming, knowledge of object-oriented programming and basic knowledge of design patterns. Improving on these fundamental competences, students aim to become professionals with proficient problem-solving skills applicable in the AI and IoT ecosystems. Within the framework of this joint study programme, special emphasis is placed on acquiring teamwork skills and learning about modern software development workflows and tools. It is important to instil the importance of teamwork and the understanding of individual roles of each team member in IT students. The horizontal nature of digital technologies opens up enormous potentials on the global labour market of today. All future development of the study programme curriculum will be executed in accordance with the labour market trends, so as to match the requirements of recruiters and recruiting companies.

The first year of study will be delivered by Algebra University College in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, while the second year of study will be delivered by EPITECH in Paris (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre), Republic of France.  The quality of the study programme is established according to the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area and the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes.

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  • Software Engineer/Architect for IoT applications
  • Web Development Engineer for IoT
  • Software Engineer - JavaScript / Ruby - Internet of Things
  • SW Development Engineer
  • Cloud Computing specialist
  • IoT Engineers for applications in (Agriculture, Medicine, Electrical Power Distribution, Smart Housing/Living, Transport, Wearables, ...)
  • AI specialist for IoT applications

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