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Joint Master Study Programme in Computer Science – Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
  • No.1 quality assurance system in Croatia
  • Creating a digital future in Croatia for 25 years
  • Institutional exchange agreements with more than 100 institutions
  • 96% of alumni employed 3 months after graduation


Year of study: 1, Algebra, Croatia
Semester: 1
Innovative Project 17O
Data preparation and introduction to data visualization4O
Application of Scripting Languages5O
Quantitative methods and modeling4O
Embedded Platforms and Operating Systems5O
Advanced Mobile Programming5E
Advanced Application Development Based on Development Templates5E
Semester: 2
Innovative Project 28O
Machine learning concepts and techniques4O
Sensors and Actuators5O
Wireless Computer Networks 14O
Advanced Information Systems Interoperability4E
Computer Vision Fundamentals5E
Advanced Programming Paradigms5E
Rapid Development of Java Applications Using Programming Frameworks5E
Year of study: 2, EPITECH, France
Semester: 3
Innovative Project 315O
Advanced C++10E1
Application Development10E1
Functional Programming10E1
Web Security4E2
Progressive Web App4E2
DevOps Level 12E2
DevOps Level 23E2
Graphs Algorithm and Matching3E2
Advanced Visualization of Massive Data3E2
React Native4E2
Applied Artificial Intelligence5E2
Semester: 4
Final Internship and Graduation Thesis30O

IMPORTANT NOTE: O = obligatory course, E = elective course.

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