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Our programming course is one of the four sub-specializations in the Applied Computer Programming professional graduate program. Its graduate employability ratings today are excellent.

We have ensured a work placement internship for you with one of the well-known industry players in Croatia or the EU. Use that experience as part of your final thesis and also maximize the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals.

Upon receiving our diploma, you’ll be a specialist for the some of the most in-demand segments in software engineering.

They range from internet programming, app development for mobile devices, advanced programming techniques and development of business intelligence.

Furthermore, you’ll be acquainted with computer cryptography, e-commerce and computer game development.

Student guide

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In-demand occupation

Did you know that over the past 10 years software engineers are the second most sought-after group of IT professionals in Croatia? Choose a dynamic and interesting career for which demand will grow in the future.

Numerous benefits

During the course you will have the possibility to learn and obtain internationally recognized certificates and you’ll also get a Dreamspark Premium subscription to over 160 Microsoft products.

Plan your life

Bilo da još ne znaš točno što želiš u životu ili trebaš savjet kamo dalje, naš Centar karijera ima sve odgovore za tebe. Želimo da kreneš u budućnost s vjetrom u leđima.

Our partners and employers are constantly on the lookout for talented students. We are here to connect you with them and to kick start your career while you are still studying. Our Career Center is there to answer all you questions.

Quality assurance

Algebra has been assessed as the best professional studies program in Croatia. Don’t settle for second best when your future is at stake!

What are the takeaways from the graduate computer engineering course?

Graduate studies allow you to further perfect your know-how of your favorite field. We’ll transfer the latest industry trends, insights and skills that employers demand onto to you. Here is a snapshot of some of them:

The graduate course program has been conceived based on recommendations from the European SOCRATES network and satisfies the criteria based on ASIIN accreditation agency recommendations, which are applicable in the field of computer engineering.

Lecture Plan
Expertise in Java, C# and Python

Hone your programming languages skill set in Java, C# and Python as development tools and usage of object-oriented methodology.

Analysis and Critical Thinking

Develop precise mathematical approaches to solving unusual, partly defined problems with contradictory requirements.

Advanced Data Analysis Models

Learn how to analyze and recognize patterns, all about data mining and BI through use of stochastic models.

Internet of Things and Computer Robotics

Learn how to independently develop an IoT product, from choice of platform to microcontrollers, Cloud services and programming solutions for clients.

Analysis and Design of Software Solutions

Sharpen your analysis and design skills for software solutions. Learn how to implement IT systems. Discover complex aspects of computer application safety and crypto-protection of data.


Adopt and absorb competencies such as accountability and high professional standards, which are required for operating independently at the highest possible levels.

Best Practice

Learn how to come up with innovative solutions utilizing critical analysis and understanding of contemporary trends and practices.

Your Own Business Venture

Learn how to realistically estimate a business idea and find an effective way to realize it within applicable conditions. You might just start your own business during your time in university, just like many of our students did.

We’ve ensured a work placement for you during the duration of your course with one of our partner employers. Their number keeps increasing every year so as to ensure the best possible platform for your career development.

Partner Employers

Amazon 24 SATA Agrokor Agencija za mobilnost i programere EU
Agencija za plaćanja u poljoprivredi, ribarstvu i ruralnom razvoju Akd APIS IT APO
Atlantic Autocesta Azvo BCC
BILLA Canon Carina Cateia
Combis CROTEAM CROZ Daikin
Dalekovod DELL Drap Ericsson
ERSTE Google Hanfa GREY
Herbalife HiPP HP HPA
infosistem Karlovačka pivovara KINGICT KONČAR
Mercedes Microsoft mobendo MSTART
Nacionalni centar Nike PBZ Perpetuum
PLIVA Plinacro RETEL Rimac
SIEMENS s&t Span Supranet
Svijet medija Tekstil promet VALAMAR VIVERA

Examples of jobs we’re preparing you for

  • Software Engineer
    Depending on your area of interest, you’ll be working with networks, operating systems, databases and applications.
  • Business Information Systems Project Specialist
    Take part in development of vital information systems that companies heavily rely on.
  • Internet App Developer
    Whether it’s a specialist for .NET or Java, your skills will definitively fit the job description.
  • Computer Game Developer
    Programmers are highly sought-after in small, indie studios as well as large industry giants such as Bethesda, Blizzard and Ubisoft.
  • Mobile App Developer
    Thousands of new ideas for that perfect mobile app are being developed each day. Be a part of the new Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter.
  • Database Design
    Expert for databases responsible for all phases of development including design, development and programming.

Example Class

Development of 3D Games

em>After you master the basics of Unity, we’ll introduce you to the third dimension. We’ll be diving into applied physics, linear algebra, graphics and textures. We’ll learn all about illumination and shading of 3D objects, its acceleration, deceleration and use of force. Then we’ll deal with the use of texture and dynamic lighting as well as normal and height maps. You’ll learn all it takes to develop a 3D game and turn it from an idea into a real product.

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Our Students

Vedran Mandić

Vedran is our Software Engineering alumnus. After graduation, he became a successful entrepreneur, a co-founder and CTO of startup Mogy.

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