Software Engineering

Advanced Client - Side Scripting

  • Class 30
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 120
Total 180

Course title

Advanced Client - Side Scripting

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

The goal of the course is to enable students to create client web applications. Students will learn the basic and advanced features of JavaScript scripting language and that will enable them to better understand JavaScript libraries and their purpose. Libraries will make it easier for them to manipulate DOM elements, enable to dynamically create visual components and make data binding HTML controls.


Introduction to JavaScript • Variables (local/global, variable scope) • Data types (number, string, boolean, null, undefined) • Functions • Window object (built in methods confirm, prompt, alert, isNan, setTimeOut, setInterval…) • Events • Arrays (array methods: concat, map, slice, splice, filter, foeach…) • Catching errors (throw/catch/finally, Error object) • Document property • DOM - Document Object Maping • CSS application on DOM elements • Objects • Literal objects • Constructor functions • Object prototype • XMLHttpRequest object • Fetching XML and JSON data from server • ES6 – syntax • let, const • Arrow functions • Predefined function parameters • Rest/Spread operator • Template literali • Destrcturing • Classes • Getters and Setters • Promises (resolve, reject, then(), catch()) • Modules • Creating components • Semantic html React.JS • Inviroment setup • JSX • Object React i ReactDOM • Component structure • Component lifecycle • Layout components • Class-Based components • Controlled components • State object • Redux • Reducers • Actions • React-router

Required reading

Learning React: A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications Using React and Redux

Additional reading

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: Activate Your Web Pages (Definitive Guides)

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Create a client web application using traditional ES5 JavaScript syntax
  • Create a client web application using modern ES6 JavaScript syntax
  • Create a single-page web application (SPA) using the React library
  • Create a web application using React and Redux libraries

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Use advanced traditional ES5 JavaScript code to create complex client applications
  • Use advanced modern ES6 JavaScript code to create complex client applications
  • Identify the benefits of using React library when making rich single-web application
  • Identify the benefits of using Redux library when creating React web application
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