Ph.D.Sc. Nataša Trojak is the vice-dean for academic affairs and a professor of the economic group of subjects at the Algebra University College. She graduated in 1996, and defended her master's degree in 2009 at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, studying "Organization and Management". She obtained her doctorate in the field of social sciences, field of psychology, in November 2020. During her studies, she started working in several smaller companies, and after graduation continued her career at Wrigley, AWT, Gastro Group, and eventually opened her own company. Since 2001, she has been holding workshops, trainings and classical classes at a number of higher education institutions, but also in companies, development agencies and the like. Since 2009, she has continued her professional career in the field of higher education. In parallel, independently and in a team, she has published a number of written works in the field of entrepreneurship and management, is the co-author of several books dealing with the same field, and participates in national and international conferences and meetings. She has also published several handbooks that cover the topics covered by the courses Entrepreneurship and Sales Communication at Algebra University.