Ozren Tkalčec Krznarić is born in the year 1976. in Zagreb. He graduated in 2002. from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Department of Telecommunications and Informatics. In about twenty years of work in the IT industry, he spent most of his time developing Microsoft .NET business solutions, especially web-oriented solutions. Some of them are Erecruit - internationally renowned employment system, Teuta - management of the repository of Republic of Croatia cultural heritage, real estate registration and maintenance support system for Croatian post and energy business support system (Tifon). There are also various backend solutions such as the Database of Addresses of the Republic of Croatia of the Croatian Post, backend for monitoring weather conditions for people with meteoropathy, solutions for backend video conferencing, home health services, personnel application, archives, geomarketing, fleet management and financial reporting. Software integrations include integration with the Siemens HiPath 4000 telephone exchange, integration with the Croatian Post sorting machine and integration with the Nemetova Polyclinic (now Aviva Polyclinic). Singled out desktop solutions are Outlook add-ins for managing Database of Addresses of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian Post) and a small Learning Management System on CD (Algebra). Since 2021, he has been employed as a lecturer at the Algebra University.