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Applied cryptography

  • Class 15
  • Practice 45
  • Independent work 30
Total 90

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Applied cryptography

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Course overview

This module introduces students to the field of cryptography. The students will learn the foundations of modern symmetric and key cryptography.


Students will implement several simpler algorithms and get familiarized with the more complex implementations in the finished libraries (.NET and Crypto ++ libraries, the openSSL project, etc.).
The learning in this module is project based where students are asked to produce sample applications that use modern cryptography algorithms.


1. Aumasson, J.P. (2018), Serious Cryptography, San Francisco: No Starch Press
2. Ferguson, N. and Schnier B. (2003), Practical Cryptography, New York: John Wiley

Additional reading

1. Easttom, C., (2015), Modern cryptography. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.
2. Boneh, D. and Shoup, V., (2020). A graduate course in applied cryptography. [s.l.]: [s.n.]

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Describe cryptographic algorithms
  • Describe cryptanalysis methods
  • Design solution with cryptographic algorithms

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Analyse cryptographic algorithms
  • Analyse cryptanalysis methods
  • Implement cryptographic algorithms in the application solution