System Engineering

Development Trends in IT Infrastructure

  • Class 30
  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 75
Total 120

Course title

Development Trends in IT Infrastructure

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

Students will get to know theoretical and practical aspects of modern IT development paradigms focusing on cloud computing. This includes a complete overview of technology and components that make the base of cloud computing model, as well as basic design elements of cloud systems. Furthermore, economy-based analisys of cloud and its influence on modern IT.


Envisioning and discussion about future of IT and cloud, concept and development of cloud services. Usage models and real-life cloud implementation. Architecture and implementation of datacenters, networking environment, cloud applications, cloud security and privacy. Analisys of economy behind the cloud model and its influence on IT workforce.

Required reading

1. G. Reese: Cloud Application Architectures: Building Applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud (Theory in Practice), OReilly Media, 2009.
2. B. J. S. Chee, C. Franklin Jr.: Cloud Computing: Technologies and Strategies of the Ubiquitous Data Center, CRC Press, 2010.
3. T. Mather, S. Kumaraswamy, S. Latif: Cloud Security and Privacy: An Enterprise Perspective on Risks and Compliance (Theory in Practice), OReilly Media, 2009.

Additional reading

1. C. Babcock, Management Strategies for the Cloud Revolution: How Cloud Computing Is Transforming Business and Why You Cant Afford to Be Left Behind, McGraw-Hill; 2010.
2. N. Antonopoulos, L. Gillam, Cloud Computing: Principles, Systems and Applications (Computer Communications and Networks), Springer, 2010.
3. J. Rittinghouse, J. Ransome, Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management, and Security, CRC Press, 2009.
4. H. Beard, Cloud Computing Best Practices for Managing and Measuring Processes for On-demand Computing, Applications and Data centers in the Cloud with SLAs, Emereo Pty Ltd, 2009.

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Define cloud computing concepts and its building blocks. Cloud envisioning.
  • Describe key components of a physical data center.
  • Describe key components of a virtualized data center.
  • Define and describe high availability technologies in a virtualized data center.
  • Describe different cloud models.
  • Describe different ways of managing cloud resources, security and privacy concepts in a cloud environment.
  • Recognize services and applications that will have benefits by migrating them to cloud infrastructure.
  • Describe economic reasons to use a cloud infrastructure and moving applications to cloud.
  • Explain the influence that cloud has on IT departments and IT workforce.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Describe concepts and reasons why we should use cloud computing and how using cloud computing influences IT.
  • Describe technologies that enable us to have business continuity in physical data center and ways of managing these technologies.
  • Describe how the components of virtualized data center work.
  • Plan and manage virtual machine high availability in a virtualized data center.
  • Choose an appropriate cloud model for a specific problem and describe its pros and cons.
  • Suggest ways of better resource usage in cloud, alleviate risk of data loss and data theft in the cloud.
  • Choose an appropriate model for application migration to coud infrastructure.
  • By using a specific example, analyze cost effectiveness for using application to a cloud infrastructure.
  • Analyze the influence that cloud has on IT workforce in Croatia.
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