Troubleshooting in ICT systems

Karlo Josić, Instructor

Karlo Josić, Professional specialist of Project Management was born on February 10, 1985 in Zagreb, Croatia. He completed Professional Graduate study program in Project Management in 2011. He holds a few of internationally recognized certifications in the fields of information technology and project management, acquired in the domestic and foreign institutions. His professional work is directed towards the analysis and development of information and communication technologies, information systems management and information services management and their multidisciplinary application in education, security and expert systems.

Associated courses:

Graduate study - Applied Computer Engineering

System sub-specialization
Wireless computer networks 1
Applied network security
Computer networks - Project practicum
Computer networks supporting business
Troubleshooting in ICT systems
Software sub-specialization
Wireless computer networks 1

Applied Computer Engineering - Undergraduate study

System Engineering
Implementing local wireless computer networks
Implementing complex network environments
Implementing voice over IP solution
Computer network security
Software defined networks
Introduction to computer networks
Software Engineering
Introduction to computer networks
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