System Engineering

Voice over Internet Protocol

  • Class 30
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 120
Total 180

Course title

Voice over Internet Protocol

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

Students will learn valuable information about transferring speech via IP, migration from PSTN to VoIP, and setting up their own VoIP PBX based on open source software. Also, how to work with Cisco VoIP technologies.


Data and speech on the same network, PSTN telephony, applications in telephony, transition from PSTN to VoIP network, VoIP signaling protocols, implementation of VoIP, quality of service, security and monitoring, troubleshooting, PSTN trunks, network infrastructure for VoIP, traditional applications in a VoIP network. Getting to know Cisco VoIP technologies.

Required reading

Ted Wallingford: Switching to VoIP, O'Reilly, 2005.

Additional reading

Matthel Landis: The 3CX IP PBX Tutorial, 2010.
Jonathan Davidson, James Peters, Manoj Bhatia, Satish Kalidindi, Sudipto Mukherjee: Voice over IP Fundamentals, 2nd Edition, Cisco Press, 2010

Minimal learning outcomes

  • Define basic terms in traditional telephony systems, describe ISDN and issues in telephony in order to migrate to VoIP.
  • Define protocols which are used in VoIP telephony, install basic 3CX+Linux system.
  • Configure basic dialplan under Linux, connect phone equipment and make first call.
  • Describe advanced 3CX functionalities in dialplan and PBX programming.
  • Describe the principles of call center application, connect 3CX with analog phone lines, basic scripting language programming. List ways of attacking 3CX infrastructure, build local TSP (telephony service) infrastructure.
  • Explain the basic principles of Cisco VoIP technologies (UCM, CM).

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Give detailed insight in traditional telephony, list protocols and building blocks of ISDN technology, create a project for migrating from traditional to VoIP technology, demonstrate a completed 3CX system.
  • Describe protocols in VoIP telephony, manually configure 3CX system on a Linux platform.
  • Deep understanding of 3CX dialplan and SIP configuration, knowledge of SIP hardware phones.
  • Write own advanced 3CX dialplan functions, inter-connect two 3CX PBX.
  • Demonstrate Call center operation, list problems and solutions with connecting analog phone lines, create own programming scripts. Secure public 3CX installation from DoS attacks and unsolicited calls, design a local infrastructure with multiple 3CX systems and connect it to phone operaters.
  • Explain the basic principles of Cisco VoIP technologies (UCM, CM) and how to integrate them with other technologies (PSTN, 3cx etc.)
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