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PhD Winton Afrić, Lecturer

Ph.d. Winton Afrić, Academic Painter, Assistant Professor, Doctor of Science in Information and Communication Sciences. Born in Zagreb. He is a citizen of the Republic of Croatia, by nationality Croat. He finished primary school and high school in Zagreb, and graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, in the class of Professor Eugene Kokot. His postgraduate art study in the field of painting was at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana on the subject of "Contemporary figuration as a self-sufficient art form in narrative social critique". He received his doctorate in 2010 from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb in the field of information and communication sciences with the theme "The Fundamental Principles of creating Virtual Reality in RPG Systems“. He has published 2 university textbooks and 11 scientific and professional papers. He has participated in 5 international scientific and 1 national gatherings with international participation, and 11 papers have been published in international editorial and international review proceedings. He participated in organizing two international meetings in Croatia and Germany. He is actively engaged in artistic work in the field of digital sculpture, illustration and painting. The focus of his artistic activity is on the development of digital sculptures specifically for 3D printing collector sculptures, prototypes, models and toys. He has exhibited his paintings and sculptures on 10 domestic and 4 international exhibitions. In 2011. he is the winner of the Best Digital Exhibition award at the Interdisciplinary International Symposium in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Associated courses:

Visual Communications Design - Undergraduate study

3D Visual Communications Design
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Conceptual illustration 2
Organic forms design
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