3D Modeling

Character Animation

  • Class 15
  • Practice 15
  • Independent work 60
Total 90

Course title

Character Animation

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Lecturers and associates

Course objectives

During the course, the students will explore the ideas and concepts that will give life and originality to their animated characters. They will acquire skills in adding emotions, acting and carefully timed and planed gesticulations with which a higher professional level of animation and understanding of character animation is achieved. The students will learn the methodology and practice of how to animate character movements, body speech and acting in terms of their own characters with the emphasis of animating the entire body and the character gestures which is accomplished with the entire body. The objective of this subject is for students to build a strong foundation in the pantomime and acting animation of their own characters.


In the course, the students will be familiarized with the basic principles of character animation of the figure. The course entails studying the movement and numerous references of the movement are created and the movement is contemplated through drawing as animation preparation. Acting is treated within the course as something that cannot be separated from the body and the special emphasis is placed on pantomime and gesticulations. Every student individually creates and contemplates numerous references with which they solve the problematics of application of character animation, acting and gestures to their own characters. The course builds on and deepens their knowledge of animation to date by providing the students with the knowledge and the techniques of more advanced animation with the purpose of achieving and expressing character. The structure of the content covered by the course will be divided into units. Some of these units will be covered simultaneously during class, they can be intertwined and adapted individually to each student in regard to their starting point, their understanding at the beginning of the course and their progress during the course: 1-2character walking 3-4 acting 101 5-6 secondary action 7-8 gesticulations and body language 9 to 10 body mechanics and acting 11 to 12 eyes and blinking 13 to 14 personality 15 fingers

Minimal learning outcomes

  • To present methodology of creating character animation.
  • To create one's own simple animations which depict animations of character walk, gesticulations, acting, fingers, eyes, etc.
  • Analyze and compare character animations in terms of specific characters.
  • To create one's own animation solutions where the synthesis of the basic principles and the experiences of the character animation of the entire figure, gesticulation, acting, eye blinking into a complex animated sequence, is visible.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Define recommend specific methodology of character animation creation.
  • To substantiate and justify one's own choice and animation for specific character as the solution of a specific art problem, for example depicting a specific emotion with the entire body.
  • To connect and justify character animation character as the symbiosis of animation principles to self evaluate how one's own solutions of character animation depict individual nature of the character.
  • To critically evaluate the same accomplishments in terms of classmates’ work.
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