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Lecture Plan

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First year

Semester 1

Drawing 1 - Drawing techniques5601545Obligatory
English language 13301515Obligatory
Computer science4451530Obligatory
History of visual communications design4453015Obligatory
Psychology of market communication3301515Obligatory
Team work and conflict management3301515Obligatory
Visual design 1 - Basic elements and principles5601545Obligatory

Semester 2

Drawing 2 - Drawing techniques5601545Obligatory
English language 23301515Obligatory
Creative process3301515Obligatory
Creative writing4453015Obligatory
Entrepreneurship in creative industries3301515Obligatory
Psychology of consumer behaviour3301515Obligatory
Typography 14451530Obligatory
Visual design 2 - DTP5451530Obligatory

Second year

Semester 3

Drawing 3 - Art structures5601545Obligatory
Photography 13451530Obligatory
Photographic content design3301515Obligatory
Interactions design3301515Obligatory
Typography 24451530Obligatory
Introduction to video production3301515Obligatory
Visual design 3 - Logotype and graphic standards5451530Obligatory
Web and screen design 1 - Interaction systems4601545Obligatory

Semester 4

Drawing 4 - Art structures4601545Obligatory
Photography 23451530Obligatory
Multimedia content design3301515Obligatory
Contemporary society3301515Obligatory
Visual design 4 - Visual identity5451530Obligatory
Web and screen design 2 - Standards in internet technology application4601545Obligatory
Digital ilustration 13301515Elective
Video production3301515Elective

Third year

Semester 5

3D design 14451530Obligatory
Culture and aesthetics3301515Obligatory
Public visual communications design4451530Obligatory
Print and colour4453015Obligatory
Art direction 13301515Obligatory
Visual design 5 - Packaging5451530Obligatory
Web and screen design 3 - User interface design4601545Obligatory
Digital illustration 23301515Elective
Video postproduction3301515Elective

Semester 6

3D design 24451530Obligatory
Spatial visual communications design4451530Obligatory
Art direction 23301515Obligatory
Visual design 6 - Individual projects5451530Obligatory
Web and screen design 4 - Application design4601545Obligatory
Final thesis7000Obligatory
Animated graphics3301515Elective
Socially Responsible Visual Communications Design3301515Elective
Research draft3301515Elective
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