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Learning outcomes on the programme level

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Professional Bachelor Study of Digital Marketing

Learning Outcomes for the Study Programme

Upon successful completion of the study, students will be able to:

  1. Integrate basic knowledge necessary for comprehensive professional upgrade (CQF Level 5)
  2.  Choose and evaluate applicable marketing theories in accordance with digital social environment (CQF Level 6)
  3.  Design innovative solutions and / or innovative adaptations of current solutions to present generated content and information through already established methods (CQF level 5)
  4.  Choose research methods as well as active analyzes and uphold the obtained conclusions for the benefit of clients, users and information systems (CQF Level 6)
  5.  Review existing and recommend new business solutions and opportunities through refreshed approach to presentation and visual problem solving (CQF Level 6)
  6.  Manage project microprocesses from users to team members (CQF Level 5)
  7.  Valorize project components through the prism of the effect of results, profitability and time consumption (6)
  8.  Measure the impact of social, economic and technological parameters on business, through which digital marketing performance can be implemented (CQF level 6)
  9.  Choose the best option of creative ideas for measurable Business Plan (CQF Level 6)
  10.  Choose the path of your own knowledge upgrade through practical experience and/or through taking certification exams (CQF Level 6)
  11.  Evaluate the results delivered by the team of people and support the best solution, evaluate the success of an individual as well as the whole team (CQF Level 6)
  12.  Create a project according to the adopted standards, technologies and implementation methodologies. (CQF Level 5)

Upon successful completion of the study, students will be able to:

  1.  Choosing the best practical solutions for effective and efficient marketing communication (CQF Level 6)
  2. Critically evaluate psychological, social and economic processes in the marketing environment (CQF Level 6)
  3. Choose optimal concepts of verbal and non-verbal communication in marketing (CQF Level 6)
  4. Select optimal technology concepts of applicable digital solutions (CQF Level 6)
  5. Validate functionality of the user interface and choose the best user interface solution from the customer and business aspect (CQF Level 6)
  6. Design an effective and measurable digital marketing project with all relevant components; manage and valorize results (CQF Level 5)
  7. Shape marketing communication on social networks; manage and evaluate results (CQF Level 5)
  8.  Shape marketing communication through online advertising system; manage and evaluate results (CQF level 5)
  9. Evaluate results of digital interaction and recommend the best solution for achieving conversion goals (CQF Level 6)
  10.  Assess security and legal aspects of a digital marketing project (CQF level 6)
  11.  Manage successful business communication (CQF Level 5)
  12.  Design marketing communication on mobile devices, manage it, and valorize results (CQF level 5)
  13.  Provide argumentative evaluation of digital society (CQF Level 6)
  14. Select the best solution consistent with the EU and global legislative, relevant market and finance (CQF Level 6)
  15. Measure, rank and choose the best solution based on financial parameters for making business decisions (CQF Level 6)
  16. Develop the best software solution from the perspective of digital marketing goals (CQF Level 5)
  17. Measure, rank and choose the best solution based on database information (CQF Level 6)
  18.  Provide argumentative evaluation of marketing activity and communication through the prism of generally accepted ethics and morality norms (CQF Level 6)
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