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Development of 2D computer games 2

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  • Practice 45
  • Independent work 105
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Development of 2D computer games 2

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Course overview

The aim of this module is to teach students more advanced techniques for creating 2D computer games in Unity and Unreal Engine programming tools. In this module, students will build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the course "Creation 2D computer games 1": they will learn new ways of implementing different types of character movement management in computer games, learn how to manage interaction with additional types of input units, how to create a simple skeleton and animate the characters, control the camera in addition to simply tracking the player, etc. Also, students will learn the basics of implementing artificial intelligence in order to be able to model different types of behavior of characters in computer games.
This module is a natural extension of the basic knowledge and skills acquired in the course "Creation 2D computer games 1". Each aspect learned in the previous module is built upon with additional knowledge and additional skills. Also, an important component is added, which is the application of artificial intelligence, which is a key component in the vast majority of genres of computer games.


Students will learn:
• advanced possibilities of movement of game characters in 2D space
• manage input unit manager for different types of input units
• create a skeleton and animation of computer game characters
• implement advanced interaction between objects
• create variations of computer game templates
• implement advanced camera management capabilities
• implement advanced interaction mechanics in 2D computer games
• implement artificial intelligence of the behavior of computer game characters
• apply behavior trees
• create basic visual effects
• implement sound effects and background music in computer games
• export a computer game on several different platforms


1. Bach J. (2020) Unity 2d game development: Beginner's Guide to 2D game development with Unity. 2nd edn. Independently published.
2. Fozi H., Marques G., Pereira D. and Sherry D. (2020) Game Development Projects with Unreal Engine: Learn to build your first games and bring your ideas to life using UE4 and C++. Packt Publishing.

Additional reading

1. Halpern J. (2018) Developing 2D Games with Unity: Independent Game Programming with C#. 1st ed. Apress.

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Design different types of movement and interactions in 2D computer games.
  • Combine the objects of the computer game and create the skeleton and animation of the characters.
  • Implement artificial intelligence algorithms for the purpose of modeling the behavior of 2D computer game characters.
  • Integrate sound and visual effects into 2D computer games.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Optimize different types of movement and interactions in 2D computer games.
  • Manage the animation system and customize the performance of animations in a 2D computer game.
  • Create a behavior tree and implement a more complex logic of character behavior in a 2D computer game.
  • Integrate and parameterize sound and visual effects in 2D computer games.