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Managing computer games development

  • Class 30
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 60
Total 120

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Managing computer games development

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Course overview

The aim of this module is to acquaint students with the process of managing the development of computer games in terms of management activities, personnel management, budgeting, teamwork and communication, time management and the organization of the documentation process.
This module is a compulsory part of the degree program and provides a foundation for product development management in the computer games industry. The skills acquired in this module will significantly contribute to the development of the student as a professional in the respective fields.
The knowledge check of the module is based on solving a series of small practical tasks and on individual student projects.


Students will learn:
• manage activities within the computer game development project
• identify personnel needs
• manage personnel
• analyze and design the project budget
• communicate creatively within the project team
• manage time and other project resources
• categorize jobs in the computer game development industry
• classify documents needed for computer game development projects


1. Maxwell Chandler, H. (2019) The Game Production Toolbox. 1st edn. CRC Press.

Additional reading

1. Irish, Dan (2005) The Game Producer's Handbook. Thomson Course Technology PTR.

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Analyze project management activities.
  • Identify the necessary personnel.
  • Analyze the project budget.
  • Identify aspects of team project communication.
  • Analyze the project timeline.
  • Categorize documents within the project.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Manage project activities.
  • Manage personnel.
  • Create a project budget.
  • Communicate within the development team.
  • Create a project timeline.
  • Manage project documentation.