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Monetization of computer games

  • Class 15
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 45
Total 90

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Monetization of computer games

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Course overview

The aim of this module is to familiarize students with monetization models and strategies for computer games on various platforms.
This module is a mandatory part of the degree program and provides a foundation for creating visible, well marketed and successfully monetized computer games. The skills acquired in this module will significantly contribute to the development of the student as a professional in the respective fields.
The knowledge check of the module is based on solving a series of small practical tasks and on individual student projects that aim to create monetization documents.


Students will learn:
• monetization models and strategies.
• advantages and disadvantages of game monetization
• characteristics of mobile and hyper casual games in the context of monetization
• about virtual items, prize boxes and/or boosters
• strategies for displaying ads and advertisements in the game.


1. Felicia, P. (2017) A Beginner's Guide to Web and Mobile Games with Unity: Create and publish simple web and mobile games. Scotts Valley: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Additional reading

1. Doran, J.P. (2020) Unity 2020 Mobile Game Development: Discover practical techniques and examples to create and deliver engaging games for Android and iOS. 2nd edn. Birmingham: Packt Publishing.

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Recommend parts of the computer game suitable for monetization and suggest a monetization strategy.
  • Create a system for purchasing and using virtual items, prize boxes, and/or boosters in a mobile game.
  • Recommend and implement a mechanism for displaying ads and commercials in a mobile game.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Recommend the parts of the computer game suitable for monetization, suggest a monetization strategy and highlight the parts of the game most unsuitable for monetization.
  • Create a complex system for purchasing and using virtual items, prize boxes, and/or boosters in a mobile game and connect them to the app store.
  • Design and implement an unobtrusive system to display ads and on-demand advertisements and provide fallback if no ads or network are available.