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Learning outcomes on the programme level

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Study programme contains 16 learning outcomes at the study programme level. Learning outcomes are divided into three basic categories: learning outcomes related to the development of computer games, learning outcomes related to general programming, and generic (transversal) learning outcomes. Below is a list of all learning outcomes at the level of the study programme by category:

Learning outcomes related to the development of computer games:

  • LO3: Analyze, devise and implement the design of computer games and levels with the aim of achieving a state of optimal player satisfaction.
  • LO4: Evaluate and propose a scenario and narrative of a computer game, educational game and/or gamified learning tools.
  • LO5: Know the basic concepts of creating conceptual and applied 2D resources for a computer game and use modern computer applications for their creation and processing.
  • LO6: Know 3D modeling, texturing and animation, and use modern computer applications to create and animate 3D models applicable in a computer game.
  • LO7: Know and manage the production process of a computer game, starting from its planning, creation and all the way to testing and release into production.
  • LO8: Know marketing terms applicable in the context of computer games and design and implement appropriate monetization models.
  • LO11: Apply modern operating systems for creating 2D and 3D computer games using best practices.
  • LO14: Propose innovative solutions for computer games by applying critical analysis and evaluation of current knowledge, technologies, models and solutions from the professional field.
  • LO15: Design and apply audiovisual effects in a computer game.
  • LO16: Effectively use network services and resources to implement multi-player computer games based on various architectures.

Learning outcomes related to general programming:

  • LO1: Apply modern programming tools, structures and algorithms when solving programming problems and creating complete programming solutions.
  • LO10: Apply tools and techniques for creating and formatting databases, as well as entering, modifying and accessing data in databases.
  • LO12: Use modern tools, techniques and development frameworks to create software solutions for the web environment.

Generic learning outcomes:

  • LO2: Independently carry out, describe and present a significant final project while following the set requirements and standards, applying modern technologies, tools and methodology.
  • LO9: Evaluate an entrepreneurial idea and propose adequate business and organizational conditions for its realization.
  • LO13: Effectively participate in team projects, manage the relationship with other team members, recognizing possible sources of misunderstanding and conflict, and proactively and effectively act to suppress them.
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