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Learning outcomes on the programme level

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Specialist master professional study programme Multimedia Computing

Learning outcomes on the programme level


  1. Recognize and interpret applicable information theories and compliance with multimedia contents in practice.
  2. Develop innovative solutions and/or innovative adaptations of current solutions in order to present generated content and information through established trends.
  3. Use research methods as well as active analyses and implement conclusions obtained through requirements of customers, users and information systems.
  4. Adapt existing and create new business solutions and opportunities through fresh approach to presentation and visual problem solving.
  5. Manage project microprocesses from users to team members.
  6. Evaluate project priorities and adequately conduct their implementation through prism of results, cost-effectiveness and time consumption.
  7. Identify the impact of social networks, organizations and businesses through which it is possible to implement a multimedia information system.
  8. Implement a creative idea into a business plan.
  9. Independently organize upgrades of knowledge through practical experience and verification of knowledge through certification exams.
  10. Plan and manage projects at the level of a team of people with different tasks.
  11. Independently implement a project in accordance with specific and adopted standards, technologies and methodologies for its implementation and presentation.


  1. Develop multimedia systems analyzing business requirements through best practical solutions.
  2. Identify and define different concepts of 2D animation development through applied tools.
  3. Analyze realistic images of real objects and construct them in a virtual sense through appropriate use of lighting and digital photography settings and processing.
  4. Construct ergonomic and functional interface displays by comparing them with the existing and by evaluating existing trends and routines in use.
  5. Understand the use of modern soundprocessing techniques and use of appropriate computer tools.
  6. Understand computer video and post-production processing and use of appropriate computer tools in the preparation of video content.
  7. Identify main guidelines in development of interactive web solutions and construct appropriate solutions.
  8. Develop web systems using appropriate programming languages and their solutions.
  9. Approach multimedia interactivity problem solving through understanding of web server technologies.
  10. Develop simple applications for mobile platforms and devices.
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