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Event production

  • Class 15
  • Practice 30
  • Independent work 75
Total 120

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Event production

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Course overview

The course trains students for a detailed analysis of the needs of events, whether physical, online or hybrid. By analysing and arguing the needs, students are directed to the pre-production stages in order to plan and document the establishment of production and transmission.

Depending on the medium, the communication message and the type of event, pre-production plays a key role in ensuring an efficient production phase with flexibility for on-site additions and changes. The type of event brings with it special legalities that the course takes as key factors during planning in the pre-production phase.

Audio-video creation, visual, informative and other digital content are integrated into a fluid production structure that supports all aspects of the event, along with the sequence, script and notations related to all aspects of the event.

Students will learn within the course:
• Analyse events.
• Categorize events by type and activity.
• Categorize events according to the method and type of transmission.
• Synthesize knowledge from the field of production.
• Apply production knowledge in the legality of event production.
• Define pre-production steps.
• Create a detailed production plan, sequence, and script.
• Ensure the flexibility of event production.
• Provide space for changes and additions in event production.


Required reading:

1. Matthews, D. (2007) Special Event Production: The process
2. Kuschel, T. (2022) The Live Event Video Technician

Additional reading:

1. Richards, W.P. (2020) Esports in Education
2. Allocca, K. (2018) Videocracy
3. Grossman, T. (2007) Shooting Action Sports: The Ultimate Guide to Extreme Filmmaking

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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Identify the specifics of events by type, activity, mode of operation and transmission.
  • Anticipate the needs related to the specifics of the event.
  • Create the basic structure of the event production plan.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Analyse and critically evaluate the diversity of needs and approaches to activity planning.
  • Anticipate needs and recommend options and solutions related to the specifics of the event.
  • Create, argue and visually support the advanced structure of the event production plan.