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Course overview

As well as completing the thesis students are required to undertake an internship as part of this module to learn to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired during their study programme to a workplace setting.

Students must liaise with the Career Centre to organize their internship, and to confirm the tasks they will undertake while on internship that will comprise part of the formal assessment of the module.

The internship is organised using Infoeduka IT system that has a list of available internships and students select an employer and topic / technology they are interested in. With the help of the Career Centre, employers then select students and their internship topic is further supported by selected mentor (within the institution) so that relevant tasks are completed during the internship. Students have an employer mentor who at the end of the internship, report on the student’s achievements during the internship.

Students who are already employed and work on relevant projects / tasks are not required to undertake the Internship, but they need to submit a written report from the employer specifying their work and self-reflective written report on their experience (same documents as would be required from students on Internship).

The content of the professional practice depends on the employer and the specific tasks related to the work tasks, the student's possibilities and the mentoring approach during the professional practice. This same content of professional practice becomes a written report, which valorises and judges the subject.


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Minimal learning outcomes

  • Implement acquired skills and knowledge in order to solve problems and tasks given by the organization.
  • Prepare detailed work placement self-reflective written report specifying new skills and knowledge as well as insights gained.

Preferred learning outcomes

  • Reflect on standards and potential different approaches while implementing acquired skills and knowledge in order to solve problems and tasks given by the organization,
  • Reflect on procedures and methods used by the organization and how they compare to best practices standards and approaches learned during the study while preparing detailed work placement self-reflective written report.